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Have a Question?

Have a Question?

Is there a limit to the number of photos that our guests can take during the event?

Absolutely not! Each package from La Jolla Photo Booth includes UNLIMITED photos.

Is there a charge for setup?

No. The cost of every package includes delivery, set up and take down.

How much space is needed to run the photo booth?

Generally an 8′ x 8′ area is all that is needed for our photo booths. We also require that there is a nearby electrical source in order to plug in our equipment.

Will there be an attendant with the photo booth during the event?

Yes. One of our friendly attendants will be at the event to monitor our equipment and assist your guests in taking the best possible photos.

What size are the prints?

The standard, 4 picture photo strips are 6″ x 2″. You will receive double prints of each 6″ x 2″ photo strip. Please contact us for custom options.

Do we get to keep the digital pictures?

Depending on which package you choose, you will receive a CD/DVD of all photos (please review our pricing page).

What if my event is outdoors?

Not a problem, provided that we have access to a power outlet and our booth and equipment are fully covered from the elements (rain, wind, sun, etc.). I know what you’re thinking, “rain in San Diego?” Hey, it happens. The sun can also interfere with the brightness and quality of the photos. If there is no covering from the elements, we will do our best to work with you to come up with a solution.